The Importance of a Video Sales Letter (And How to Use It)

If you’re in the business of selling anything online—whether it’s a product, service, or course—then you need a video sales letter. Period. No exceptions. A video sales letter is the most effective way to sell pretty much anything, and in this blog post, I’m going to tell you why that is and how you can use one to increase your sales and conversions.

What Is a Video Sales Letter?

A video sales letter (also known as a VSL) is basically a video version of a standard sales letter. It’s a pre-recorded video that walks your potential customers through the process of buying whatever it is you’re selling. Essentially, it’s a complete sales pitch that does all the hard work for you so that all your potential customers have to do is hit the “buy” button.

My VSL for the Mini-VSL Workshop

Why You Need a Video Sales Letter

There are two main reasons why you need a video sales letter. First, they’re incredibly effective at increasing sales and conversions. Statistics show that people are far more likely to buy something after watching a video than after reading text-based content. Second, they save you an immense amount of time and energy. Once you’ve created your video sales letter, you can pretty much set it on autopilot and let it do all the selling for you.

How to Use a Video Sales Letter

The process of using a video salesletter is actually quite simple. All you need to do is create your video (more on that in a minute), host it on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo, and then embed it on your website or landing page. That’s it! Just make sure that your video is front-and-center when people land on your site so that they can’t help but watch it.

Creating Your Video Sales Letter

Now for the fun part: creating your actual video! When creating your video sales letter, there are three main things you need to keep in mind. First, keep it short—somewhere between 2-5 minutes is ideal. People have short attention spans these days, so if you ramble on for too long, they’re likely to click away before they get to the end. Second, make sure the audio and visuals are high quality. You want people to be able to see and hear you clearly so that they can engage with what you’re saying. Finally, invest in some professional help if needed. If creating videos isn’t your strong suit, there’s no shame in hiring someone who can do it for you. The important thing is that you have a high-quality video that effectively sells your product or service.

If you’re not using video sales letters as part of your marketing strategy, you’re missing out big time! Video sales letters are incredibly effective at increasing conversion rates, and they’re also relatively easy to create and implement. Want some expert help creating yours? Check out the Mini-VSL Workshop today for a 1:1 custom experience.

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