My Favorite Tools for Video Marketing

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When it comes to video marketing, there are a few key tools that entrepreneurs need in your arsenal if you want to be successful. In this post, I’m going to talk about my three favorite on-the-go tools: LumaFusion, FilmicPro, and Teleprompter.

LumaFusion is a powerful video editing app that’s perfect for creating engaging marketing videos. It’s easy to use and has a ton of features, making it my go-to app for video editing.

One of my favorite features of LumaFusion is the ability to add text overlays. This lets me easily add titles and call-outs to my videos, which helps keep viewers engaged.

Another useful feature for entrepreneurs and video marketers is the ability to save your video in different formats. This means you can easily share your videos with clients or post them online without having to worry about file compatibility. It’s also helpful, as sites like Linkedin, YouTube, Facebook, and Google Ads all have slightly different resolution and file requirements. As a bonus, you can also turn your horizontal videos into vertical ones – great for placements on Instagram stories or TikTok.

FilmicPro is another great tool for video marketers. It’s a camera app that lets you control every aspect of your filming, from shutter speed to ISO. This is perfect for getting those cinematic shots that really make your videos stand out.

One of the best features of FilmicPro is their new FilmLooks packages. These give you a beautiful look without having to color grade or add a “filter” after recording.

It’s also great for recording video interviews, as you can easily control the audio and get a clear recording.

While the point and shoot ability of the iPhone are great, it does have limitations – for example, if you’re filming near a window on a partly cloudy day you’ll notice the color of your video drifting because the iPhone is trying to determine what is the color “white”, as that determines the other colors in your video.

Another limitation is focus. If you’re filming a person talking, the iPhone will try to keep their face in focus – but if they move around too much, or if there are other people in the frame, the focus can start to drift. This is where FilmicPro comes in handy, as you can manually control the focus and get a perfectly crisp video recording.

Lastly, Teleprompter – an essential tool for any marketer who creates videos. It helps me keep my scripts on track and delivers my lines with confidence. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to create great video content.

The app is very simple to use, you just load your script into the app and hit record. The app will then scroll your script so you can focus on delivering your lines with confidence. Some versions of the app also give you the ability to control and lock exposure, focus, and white balance – so you can get a perfectly exposed and focused video recording.

So there you have it, my three favorite tools for video: LumaFusion, FilmicPro, and Teleprompter. If you’re looking to create better video content, I highly recommend giving them a try.

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